East Greenwich Marina Set To Start Dredging Project

Everything looks to be in place for the new owners of Norton’s Marina to start dredging a channel for a travel lift.

According to K. Joseph Shekarchi, attorney for Prime Marina East Greenwich, the Florida-based company has already gained state and federal approvals for the dredging. The City Council was expected to give the final green light for the operation Wednesday night.

A crane with scoop was on site Sunday and a walled area has been created in the marina parking lot to contain the dredge spoils while they are dewatered. The “clean” material will then be used “as beneficial fill within the existing parking area to raise the grade, thereby minimizing impacts of sea level rise on the marina operations,” according to a description of the project provided by City Planning Director William DePasquale.

With city approval, Shekarchi said the work would start immediately so as to comply with the “narrow window” during which the state sanctions dredging. He said the work, which involves the removal of 1,077 cubic yards of material, must be completed by the end on the month.

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